Album: Asylon (2011)

Song: Reptile

Bitrate: 64kbps

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Throughout their fifteen plus year history, Montreal's NEURAXIS, have pushed the boundaries of melodic
technical death metal. Asylon, the band's second release for Prosthetic Records, and sixth album overall,
is certainly no exception to this. The album was recorded at Wildsound Studio with producer Chris
Donaldson (Cryptopsy, The Last Felony, The Agonist) and is the first outing with new rhythm section,
Olivier Pinard(Vengeful) on bass and Olivier Beaudoin(ex-Eternal Burden/ex-Stareblind) on drums.

The title, Asylon, is the ancient Greek root of the modern word "asylum," While not a "concept record,'
per say, a dark, psychological theme runs throughout the lyrics of the album, which showcases vocalist
Alex Leblanc, at his most dynamic and best yet, both in writing and performance. The music itself also
takes the listener on a dark journey from the band's most vicious and brutal material yet, through more
experimental, melodic and progressive tracks and finishes with an epic sense of ferocity.

NEURAXIS will spend the first part of 2011 on the road, first supporting death metal pioneers, Deicide
and then out with extreme metal legends, Sepultura. The band has previously done time on the road
with bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Despised Icon, The Faceless and took part in the 2008 Canadian
Summer Slaughter Tour, with Necrophagist, Dying Fetus, Beneath the Massacre and more.